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Neck, Shoulders and Upper Back, Chest

Neck, Shoulders and Upper Back, Chest

These areas are the most common sources of pain for people. Why? Sitting in a slouched position in front of a computer with rounded shoulders for much of our day takes a toll on posture. Other causes of posture distortions include long car trips, ongoing airplane flights, on-the-job repetitive motions, or a sedentary job where muscles are in the same position for long periods of time. Add a tangled, unsupported sleeping position for six-to-eight hours each night and it is not surprising that you are in pain.

Some of the symptoms my clients experience include numbness down the arm and into the hand; tight rhomboids related to under-stretched, tight pectoral muscles; and at times, difficulty taking a deep breath because of muscle constriction of the intercostals.

The pain usually disappears once the body is structurally balanced, habits that aggravated the problem are discovered and changed, and good posture is restored.

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